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TrueMap v5 receives 3DConnexion certification »

3DConnexion Certified

3DConnexion has verified that TrueMap v5 is fully compatible with their complete line of 3D controllers.  Applications that receive 3DConnexion Certification have been tested in 3DConnexion's labs and have successfully fulfilled all requirements to receive this distinction.



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TrueSurf software brings the latest metrology tools (visualization, filters, parameters) to any surface roughness gage. TrueSurf can be used as a stand-alone software product or can be used to directly measure and upload profile data from many profilometers.

Complies to ASME and ISO standards.

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TrueRond software is used to visualize and analyze roundness profiles acquired on many contact or non-contact form measurement systems.

Cylindricity and harmonic analysis software modules are also available.

Complies to ASME and ISO standards.

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Surface Texture, Profilometry, Roughness, Waviness, Flatness, Straightness, Contour analysis, Surface Topography, Filter cut-off, Gaussian filter, Gaussian robust filter, Spline filter, ISO 25178, ISO 4287, Ra, Levelling, Form removal, Texture direction, Fourier transform, Autocorrelation, Stylus profilometer, Non-contact profilometer, Confocal microscope, White light interferometer, Coherence scanning interferometer, Image analysis, Microscopy, Scanning probe microscopy, Atomic force microscope, Scanning tunnelling microscope, SPM, AFM, STM, Scanning electron microscope, SEM, TEM, Nanotechnology, Nanometrology, Automotive, Mechanics, Optics, Microlens, Medical devices, Semiconductors, Electronics, MEMS, BGA, PCB, Aerospace